@david This did remind me of hearing about someone who decided they were going to get in to Coronation Street, but wanted to start at the beginning so they didn't miss out on anything...

@david Does this mean you watched it all and now you're re-watching it?!

I'll be heading down to Brum DevOps's "container special" this evening if any Brummie devs are around to say hi?

Hey folks 👋 I've been hibernating a little over the winter but it's finally sunny enough for me to re-emerge...

So what's been happening?

@david I'm interested how that works? Do you have a link to the plugins?

📹 The new Making Future Interfaces video is here! This time: Inline SVG

✅How to hand code it
✅Accessible charts
✅JavaScript and generative art


@david Thanks man! It's a work in progress but I think I know where I'm going with it.

My servers are now running PHP 7.3 across the board 🔥

@david You might be interested in snapshooter.io to manage this for you. First server's free!

I will follow this up with an incident report by email with full details of today's events.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We're back folks!

I'm now going to check out each site individually to make sure that everything is working as it should be, but it should be business as usual from here on out.

Most of the work is now done. There may be a short amount of downtime now to allow some clean snapshots to be taken and for some servers to be scaled.

I will do my best to avoid any disruption to services. I have already spoken directly to everyone who is likely to be affected this morning, so if you haven't heard from me it should be business as usual.

However, if anyone has any concerns or questions please get in touch.

FAO anyone who is hosting with me: I have been informed this morning that the company who manages some of my infrastructure will cease trading in the next 24 hours.

As a consequence of this I will be migrating a few hosting accounts over to new servers today.

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Huge milestone today delivering my first training day on Laravel and Vue. Was brilliant. Turns out training is super fun, who knew?! Definitely losing my voice. Definitely going to do more of this.

Pub? 🍻

A few other webdev advent calendars to check out:

UXmas by @merryuxmas@twitter.com: uxmas.com

24 Ways by @drewm@twitter.com (and others): 24ways.org

Advent of Code by @ericwastl@twitter.com: adventofcode.com



Sign up for your accessibility article advent calendar folks, starting this Saturday!
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"If you work on the web in any capacity, accessibility is your job."
— @laurakalbag


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Just testing the waters: Are there any people in (staffordshire) that would like to learn how to take control of their online identity? To have and control their own website instead of relying on data-mining companies like Twitter / Facebook / Google etc?

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